About Our Winery

Mike and Pasha, friends since fourth grade. Every great friendship has an arc, and these guys are still ascending, having made it through their mischievous, formative years to become hardworking, thoughtful men. They have the skill and vision to make a business out of a hobby, and in doing so they bring people together to share their enthusiasm for the process of winemaking.

Our History

Winemaking is a thing passed from parent to child, and in this case, from Mohammad to Pasha and Michael. Mohammad learned wine in Italy when he was a young man exploring life outside of his home of Iran, and Pasha and Michael learned from him when they were young men looking for a fun project. When they began, Mohammad had been diagnosed with cancer, and the best friends decided to build something together, asking Mohammad to share his time and knowledge with them.
The friends used their different complementary skills and attributes to literally build a winery in the basement of Michael’s parents house, and they joined themselves together in the endeavor. The winery is a labor of love, and the two men have grown up (and stayed young) creating and progressing a vision that has, itself, evolved over the years into the epic and dynamic Desmodus Vena.

The Crew

Pasha Kalhor


This is the man with the plan. He’s got the skill to take any idea and make it into a reality, whether his material is metal or wood, or grapes. There are many things to admire about his various projects: aesthetics, function, finesse, the fact that he makes it all look easy. Winemaking is just the tip of the iceberg, and he brings the rest of his talents to the table to progress the vision of Desmodus Vena into a reality. He’s proud of his product, too, and usually has a bottle handy to share.

Michael Margoshes


Always the mover and shaker, Michael is the business man. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Washington, but he’s a natural. Always looking for improvement, always brainstorming the next move, project or method, he does his footwork and his research with a passion that invigorates those around him. He pours himself into the work, and then he pours himself a glass of wine. And he enjoys it.