Our Wines

We start with the finest fruit and go for boldness and major tannins. We end up with fruit-forward, incredible wines, and part of the fun has been watching the flavor profiles mature and become more complex over the years. Since we are a small-lot winery and work with a limited quantity of fruit, the picking and sorting is all done by hand. We have the opportunity to closely monitor each step of the process and have an intimate knowledge of the development of each wine.

Important Shipping Information!!

Inclement Weather: Some seasons may inhibit our ability to safely deliver your wine to you. Generally, between the months of August and October, it will be too hot to ship wine. Severely cold months may also impact shipping. If you order wine during an inclement weather period, we will contact you with the next available shipping date to ensure your wine makes it safely to your doorstep.

Signature upon Delivery: All alcohol delivered by mail requires an adult signature upon delivery. Please ensure you are selecting a delivery address where someone 21 years or older will be able to receive your package

Shipping Law Limitations : Unfortunately we are unable to ship wine directly to these states : ALABAMA, ARKANSAS, DELAWARE, KENTUCKY,  NEW JERSEY, OKLAHOMA, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA,  RHODE ISLAND, AND UTAH.